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After dealing with fatigue, brain fog, and chronic diarrhea for four years, I was desperate for a solution. I already had a pretty clean diet, and my primary care physician didn't have any solutions, so I wasn't sure where else to turn. Meredith and I worked together to get my body in to balance, addressing hidden food sensitivities, restoring digestion and beneficial gut flora, and managing my stress. My brain fog is gone, I have consistent energy/mood, and no longer experience loose bowels. I can't recommend nutritional therapy enough!

I've always felt bloated, tired, and had a lot of headaches. Meredith helped me adapt my diet to what my body needs, explaining everything along the way in terms I could understand, and even helped me find new recipes to make cooking at home easier. My whole outlook on nutrition has changed -- I'll never go back to how I was before. I feel so much more energized, my headaches have gone away, my stomach rarely feels bloated, and I overall feel great. I never thought my diet and nutrition could have so many effects on my physical and emotional well-being.

CJ (Feb. '20)

Elyse (May '20)

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Receive a personalized wellness program tailored to you and your health history. We'll work together to create a unique food and lifestyle plan to help you reach your wellness goals within a 3- or 6-month framework.

The program includes:

  • Initial health history interview, functional assessments + symptom analysis

  • Ongoing assessment of current food + lifestyle choices

  • Personalized and ongoing diet/lifestyle recommendations

  • Two 1-hr sessions per month, remotely or in-person

  • Comprehensive notes to follow up each session

  • Educational resources

  • One-to-one support + accountability


Take a more in-depth look at the digestive system and other potential food sensitivities through functional testing to see why the body is behaving as it is. This testing takes away the guesswork, revealing an intricate look into your microbiome and allowing us to get to the root as fast as possible. This is an excellent option for someone with a complicated or compromised health history, or for someone who has been on a journey to better health for some time but keeps coming to a dead end.

Functional testing includes:

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Have questions before committing? Not sure nutritional therapy is right for you? Schedule a free 15-minute introduction to nutritional therapy to learn about the practice, process, and requirements.

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